7 Birthday Door Decoration Ideas

Birthdays are a great source of enjoyment. Not only it signifies the importance of one’s lifetime but also is an opportunity for friends and families to get together and celebrate. A celebration of life and happiness. Moreover, why shouldn’t it be? As it is was the day you came to earth with a mission to achieve. Every human being has been put on the world with a motive. Each person has its unique, unparalleled talents and skills. Thus, the only goal of life is to identify all of your powers, polish your skills, and benefit others from them too as much extent as possible. Hence, your birthday is nothing but just a reminder of the very purpose.

Whether you are an adult or a child, the joy of birthdays’ remains constant. You’re as excited for your birthday in your adulthood as you were during childhood. As a matter of fact, most excited! All the gifts, decorations, Variety of Cakes, and the after parties. How can you not be thrilled about it?  When you have so many things to look forward to and opportunities to savor the precious moments.

To maintain such a theme, decorations and party planning play an essential role. An efficient party planning can not only save you from the stress of mismanagement but also can offer you an exceptionally decorated place according to your desire. There’s a lot of thinking and management plans that go in the process of event planning. That’s why it’s an entire professional field. People hire event planners to perform a successful birthday celebration for their loved ones.

Door covers for decorating, Balloons, Themed decorations, Birthday door sign, Cartoon-inspired looks, Birthday door banner, you name it, there’s a wide range of decorating options. You can easily choose what best suits your need. You can also have personalized themes. However, that is going to cost a bit more. Nonetheless, money is not a problem when an alluring and extraordinarily perfect birthday decoration is the top priority.

Why is Door Décor famous for Birthday Surprises?

Embellishing your doorway with a lot of unique decorations plays a significant role in retaining the theme of a birthday party. Whether you have arranged a surprise birthday party or a planned one, whether you chose the doodle art for your idea or simple yet beautiful coloring schemes. What’s the thing that makes this birthday a lot more special? Maybe your birthday boy/girl is going to get married soon or is shifting to another country, or perhaps it is just a regular birthday surprise. You have to take into consideration the true essence and idea of the party. Without it, you cannot attain a perfectly toned look.

Doors are your entering way into such types of themes. They can either hold the suspense of the surprise or reveal it all. It depends on the efficiency of planning and decorating style you are going to opt for the birthday. That’s why decorating a door first, is significant and also helps to retain the entire theme of the party.

Here are the 7 Best Birthday Door Decoration Ideas to plan your next Party

1. Wreaths and Garlands made out of Paper

Wreaths and Garlands have a wide range of applications. Surprisingly, they can go for any occasion. Let it be Festive, Halloween, Spring Decoration, or Vacation Decorations; they cover almost all sort of events. Even birthdays. They only thing is, for birthdays, wreaths, and garlands have less intensity of decorations. Usually, garlands made out of different silk fabrics and wreaths of matching paper colors are used. While, for someone who likes it to a little extra flashy, they can even go for flowers wreaths and garlands.

The best way to do Wreaths and Garlands decoration for the door is first to select the coloring scheme. A scheme that best complements your entire interior decoration for the party. Then you can use a lot of different styles for garlands utilizing the internet. The most common way is to take a large piece of cloth, attach its middle to the top half of the door. Then twist its edges, one to two times, fix the corners and let it hang sideways of the door. For wreaths, you can use DIY paper ideas or even flowers in contrast, but of the same color scheme. Moreover, It’s finished! 

2. Balloon-Based Door Decoration

Balloons, Balloons, and Balloons. One of the most common decoration you’ll see at any birthday party. Whether planned by an event manager or by friends and family themselves, balloons are very common for birthday decorations. Starting from the door to the interior and even the birthday cake. Everything is crowded with many balloons. However, there are numerous ways through which you make this ordinary decoration look outstanding.

  • You can paint the balloons with your messages or write your wishes for the birthday person.
  • Give a shiny look by dipping half of the balloons in glittery paint.
  • Use a balloon-based, lollipop look for a more fun style.
  • You can make an arc out of many layers of balloons.
  • Attach flowers and make their tails creative with some tinsel/mini-balloons attachments.
  • Make a balloon chandelier.
  • Make a balloon carpet for entrance.

Also, the list continues. It’s totally up to you how creative you want your decorations to look.

3. Doodle Art Door Covering

Doodle art covering can go for both the elderly and children alike. You can make some drawings, cartoon figures or even the sketches of close friends and family of the birthday boy/girl. It would not only make your door decorations look more exciting but also much attractive. The best part is, you can find the printed door covers for decorating online for your personalized doodle art or can even draw it by hand. It’s your choice.   

4. Polaroid Photos Décor

Polaroid photos décor is quite old-fashioned but still in trend. The look uses old-school decorating techniques when especially friends/roommates used to decorate their doors with their photos posted on the doors. It can go to any party. Surprised or planed. Either given by family or friends, it doesn’t matter.

To achieve the look, take a polaroid camera like Fujifilm Instax mini 9, readily available at any camera or supermart and most affordable. Then at least a month before the birthday take the person for an outing, take photos without them knowing. Moreover, when the birthday arrives, decorate the door. It’s that much simple and easy. On the other hand, you can also have polaroid print of the old photos from your mobile photo album. Just go to a good editor, tell him about the vintage look you want on them, and have the images printed in polaroid style by any photo studio.     

5. Birthday Banners for doors

Birthday door banners are one of the best ways to decorate the door. With birthday wishes, puns, names or whatnot, you can write anything you want to communicate. It is also effortless to make.

  • Take a paper or cloth.
  • Cut in any shape you like.
  • Make DIY patterns, either 3D or drawn.
  • Glue it with a thread sting.
  • Let it dry and fix to the door.
  • The end.

However, using birthday banners alone can be of no use. Always handle it with some Garlands or Wreaths decorations.

6. Multi-colored Paper Tinsels and Paper Chains

Birthday door signs are a fun way to decorate the party. Especially with paper chain backgrounds and tinsels. Paper Balls, Tissue Fringes, Watercolor Flags, Pom Poms, or Lace Doilies, these also go in this regard. These decorations give the best look to your door when used in more than one color.

Always try to take a color with all of its different variants. Try to make a rainbow-like pattern; it will add further to the beauty of the door. Same is the case with Paper chains. You can either make individual chains or can cover the entire door with multi-colored ones like fences with steel chain walls. For further embellishment, hang some polaroid photos with laundry clips. It would give a more rugged and rough look suitable for any birthday type. 

7. Themed Door Décor

Themed birthday door décor is mainly for children. However, it can also be used for adults but special occasions. Like when your marriage, anniversary, vacation, graduation, promotions, or something like that falls in with your birthday. It’s one of the most exciting and entertaining decoration works that one can do while planning.

For children, you can go for cartoon or superheroes-inspired themed door décor. Like Superman, Batman or attaching an artificial cobweb to one side of the door and linking it to the hand of Spiderman at the top corner. Creative decorations like that are usually more preferred and liked by the children. So, a great way to make your child happy.

In Conclusion

Birthday door signs, Door covers for decorating or Birthday door banners, these are some of the best ways to decorate a birthday party. You can do these decorations all by yourself with the help of DIY tutorials on the internet or can also hire professional event planners. It all depends on the intensity of party, celebration type, number of people, and budget you have for the celebration.


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