List of best Modern Double Door Décor Ideas

Maintenance and Beautification of a house is its fundamental necessity. Interior, exterior, walls, doors everything needs to be furnished all the time. Not only with state-of-the-art gadgets but also with creative, decoration ideas. However, when switching to such a decorative plan for your house or apartment, front entrance doors come at the top. The most efficient and effective interior designing starts with decorating the exterior first.

Double doors are surely in the trend as they are more charming and add more detail to the architectural design of the house. Something that a single front door can’t possibly offer. Modern double doors come in many varieties. Some of them are made in an antique manner and some in an artistic. Either way choosing the best one that compliments your basic house design is a tough task to perform.

Selecting the right color, getting the right dimensions, identifying the real hardwood, and most importantly, design of the front door. Then after that, comes the stage of everyday front door décor. The whole process, without a doubt, is quite tiring. That’s why some people switch to the services of professional decorators and interior designers. On the other hand, executing your personal exterior double door ideas can be quite enjoyable. Still, it requires a lot of time and planning.

Let it be front door wreaths, Garlands, or Spring Wreaths; all of them are rather good ways to decorate your house. They are also traditional, best suited for festive and different religious and cultural occasions. Everyday front door décor requires some extra groundwork and a distinctive approach.     

Here are the 10 Best Exterior Double Door Ideas

1) Chalkboard Sign Decoration

Chalkboard Signs Decorations are very classic and chic. The timeworn, vintage look that they offer is beyond ordinary. You will see yourself that just by attaching such a single piece of decoration with your door can enhance its beauty to the maximum degree possible. However, there are some limitations. Such type of Chalkboard Sign Decoration only goes in contrast with bright colors. If you have a door painted in a very dark/bright color, then it’s the answer for you.

Making a chalkboard sign decoration is very easy. You can either find a ready-made piece in any of the decoration/gifts shops or can also make at home as well.

  • Take an old tray or picture frame.
  • Cut the chalkboard to its size add some borders.
  • Paint the outline like the way you want and leave the chalkboard intact.
  • Fix to the door and Write!

You can write welcome greetings, inspirational quotes, and even personal notices for the people visiting — messages like whether you are at home or at work and things like that on these chalkboards.

2) Family Monogram Letters Décor

Family Monogram Letters is quite an old yet stylish way of decorating your front door. These letters can indicate your name’s initials, your family name, or whatever you want. Furthermore, you can glue a flower bouquet with such letter monogram decoration and attach it to your door. Thus, adding to its elegance.

Metal or Wooden

Metal and Wooden Letters are easy to find. Every market, even thrift stores have much variety. Each in different sizes, fonts, and styles. Anyhow, choose what suits your need the best. Don’t just go for a good-looking monogram but also check if it’s appropriate for your construction. You can also make these letters at home using carpeting and welding techniques. However, buying from the market is more convenient and affordable and can also save you from extra work. After choosing your desired style, paint and decorate it in whatever way you like.   


Moss Letter Monograms are quite charming, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are tough to make and are time taking. First, you have to select an appropriate medium for plant’s growth if you are going for a more authentic look and then attach the letters. On the other hand, you can also go for an artificial one. As it is easy to maintain, gives a sharper looking appearance and easy to clean. Still, the choice is yours.

3) Flower Basket Look

Flower basket decoration never goes out of fashion. They were used in the past and are being used even today. There is a diverse range of looks you can choose. Ranging from embroidered to engraved baskets, you can find thousands of styles at your local store. Thus, making flower basket door decoration quite simple and easy. The best part of choosing such a theme is that it goes a long way. Either you’re planning for occasional ornamentation, seasonal or everyday front door décor, you can always find artificial and real flowers to fulfill the needs.

Use of real flowers is recommended when going for occasional and seasonal decorations. However, if you want a yearlong decoration for your entrance door then go for the artificial bouquets.

4) Antique Lantern/Lamp Decorations

This antique theme is specifically for houses. Embellishing your front door with vintage-inspired lantern styles and also decorating its surroundings accordingly. It’s an effortless and beautiful way for exterior double door ideas. You have to attach these lanterns in your doorway, and sideways of the door. Nothing extra.

5) Moss Covering for Door

Moss Covering for front double doors is especially for themed restaurants, hotels, and villas. Large doors with stone walls are the best choice for such a theme. Where, ultimately, moss growing from the stone walls, extends and covers the entire door in its lush green color. You can also make this happen on a wooden door, but you’ll require an extra budget.

They are first replacing your plywood doors with the doors made out of real, hardwoods like that of Walnut, Oak, Ash trees and then going for decorations. These doors are not only expensive but also more heavy, durable, and long-lasting. Some might guarantee you the reliability of lifetime! Surprising, Isn’t it?

Moss covered doors give a more natural look. It’s a type of decoration that can go for any occasion: Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and what not.

6) Antique Camera Hanging Decoration

Old cameras are a great source of decoration. Anything rare can guarantee a real-time, authentic decorative look to your house. Thus, Antique cameras are best in this regard. Here’s hot to achieve this style

  • Open the camera.
  • Remove the machinery and other mechanical components.
  • Fill it with fertilized, high-quality soil.
  • Plant different flowers.
  • Fix it to the door.

Probably the best way to use a camera for door decoration!

7) Simple, Flower Wreaths

Using Flower wreaths and bouquets is a simple yet extraordinary method for front door décor. It makes your door look more alluring, minimal in its design and top of the class in its simplicity. Again, you have the choice of both artificial and real flowers. However, the use of artificial flowers is highly beneficial in this regard.

8) Door Decoration with Old, Rusty Furniture and Gadgets

What’s the best use of rusty furniture present in your storage? Make decorative pieces out of them! Chairs, Beds, Tables, Bicycles, even Cars go in this regard. However, for the car decoration style, you’re going to need a bigger house. The best part is, you don’t even have to make these things ready, to be displayed. Just place them as they are in a way that best reflects your theme.

9) Door Décor with just Paints

Double Door décor with only paints is a fun and exciting job. Still, it requires a creative and artistic approach for idea execution. The technique remains pretty straightforward.

  • Paint the entire double door in either black or white color.
  • Let it dry.
  • Then use different multi-colors of paints to spray on the door. Green, Blue, Red, Orange, every single color!
  • Splash these paints in no particular order. Make the paint look as rough and irregular as you can.

In addition to this, you can also use contrasting color schemes to paint your door. Painting one half in one color and the other half in another. However, these beautiful looks are best suited for the studio, themed hotels, and restaurants decorations. 

10) Wooden Tags and Jute Wreaths

Wooden Tags and Jute Wreaths is also one of the best manners for door decorations. Tags were containing some messages in a bow shape and Jute wreaths with flower bouquets.

To make this, you can easily carve the wooden blocks/tags with whatever you want and screw it to the door. Wile for Jute Wreaths take a bunch of tree branches and twist them in a circular shape. Then wrap them with jute in 2-3 layers. At the end, attach your favorite flowers to it and glue to the door. You can also give it a seasonal look with the help of spring wreath. You are therefore making it a convenient source for front door wreath decoration.

Summing Up

Decorating your front double door can be interesting if you have proper planning. However, it can be a big hassle if not given adequate attention in every single decorative step. Thus, doing it yourself is recommended. As it is not only a source of entertainment but also polishes your creative skills. Nonetheless, no one knows your ideas better than yourself.


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