College Door Decoration Ideas: DIY

Decorate your college door in a way that reflects your own personality, that characterizes and defines your personal living space, and celebrates the occasion along with other students!

College life is one of the most prime times of our lives. Where we are grown up teenagers, some people are applying for the different universities to pursue their passions, and some are getting the most out of where they are already present. College offers a lot of recreational activities for its students. Proms, Welcome Parties, Annual Sports Contests, Exhibitions, Homecomings, Farewells, and what not. It’s a place where you learn more practically than theoretically. Life and books, everything goes in this regard.

Starting from college door decoration, hallways, to the classroom door decorations college theme and residential halls, every single thing must remain furnished and decorated all the time. Decorated in a way that not only signifies the essence of the occasion but also is appropriate and suitable.

Door decorations play a significant place in beautifying your living space. Whether that’s your home, office, or study space, embellishments add to their beauty. These decorations are not only pleasing to eyes but also fun and entertaining, if done correctly according to the festival/occasion type.

College door decorating contest rules

College door decorations for classrooms, café, residential halls, auditoriums or dorms, are essential. So important that every year the college management itself holds a contest to find out who best decorated their door. Also, rewards are given to the best designers and decorators. However, there are some college door decorating contest rules and regulations

  • Door decorating can differ for every occasion. So, choose the right theme accordingly.
  • Decorations must reflect the spirit of the occasion — for example, Christmas, Halloween, Prom, etc.
  • Every group has to decorate at least one door.
  • Each group can have several participants anywhere between 1-4.
  • Decorations must be appropriate, and the ones that don’t violate school policies.
  • No harmful decorations for the door. For example, decorations that include nailing, screwing, gluing, and permanent paints.
  • Always use magnetic decorations or command strips. However, if you wish to use permanent paints, glues, etc, first have the door wrapped up in a black/white background door cover.
  • These Decorations must not affect the functioning of the door — i.e., difficulty in opening and closing.
  • Entrances should always remain clear to walk.
  • Creativity is key. The more you have, the higher will be the winning stakes.
  • Judging/evaluation criteria for the contest depends on
    1. Visual Impact

    2. Artisanship

    3. Creativity

    4. Suitability and effectiveness, according to the event

Here are the 7 Best DIY College Door Decoration Ideas for Different Occasions:

1) Door Décor for Prom

Proms are one of the most desirable and best-celebrated college events among the students. Studying at the same place for more than two years and finally saying goodbye to it by dancing away your worries, there’s nothing more relaxing. A formal event for the seniors, prom, also needs some extra decorations to maintain the environment of the party.

For proms, arch themed decorations are ubiquitous. Let it be arch of balloon, garlands, or flowers; it is a necessity. Therefore, first of all, decorate the college entrance door with some bouquets and farewell messages for the batch. Now for the entrance, use a red carpet. In the surroundings of the door, place some flower vase and other decorations like that. Now comes the most important decoration, that is arch and flower tinsel. Above the boundary of the door, make an arch in a combination of balloons and garlands with silk, twisted curtains. Moreover, for a dramatic look, embellishing the ceiling above the carpet with long, hanging flower tinsels just above the head would be a smart option.

2) Christmas College Decorations

Festive decorations for your college doors are straightforward. However, since everyone is going for the same holiday theme, your decoration needs to stand out. To make this happen, you also have to think out of the box.

Therefore, first, select a theme. Whether you want a simple wreath decoration or also want Christmas tree and Reindeer Statues in the surroundings. Whether you are going to use Candy canes or Christmas Stocking for hanging on your door. In the second step, when you’ve chosen the decoration type, use door covers for a background base. Now, in the third step, decorate the door. If you are using reindeer and Christmas tree decorations, then go for a minimal look on your door. Decorate it with just a wreath. On the other hand, if you are using Christmas stockings and candy canes, you can add to the beauty of your door décor with the help of multi-colored bulbs, garlands and also string lights. If you want, you can also make the base of your door look snowy with the help of artificial snow spray.

3) Exhibitions and Annual Shows Door Décor

Science exhibitions, Arts and Crafts, Musicals, Theatrical Drama Plays, Concerts, etc. are the list of annual shows that are held in every college. Therefore, door decorations for these exhibitions and Annual Shows also vary accordingly. However, the basic concept of all of these college door decorations remains the same.

Since such type of events usually takes place in halls and auditoriums, therefore, decoration for all the different doors of that hall or auditorium is also a challenging task. Firstly, evaluate the essence of the event. If it’s a concert, who is performing, and what is their genre? If there’s an exhibition for arts, who’s the designer and what are their inspirations? Fashion, Life, or anything else. If a Play is going to take place, What’s the storyline?

Moreover, What’s the hidden message? All such things play a crucial role in determining the decoration type. Therefore, decorating all the doors with a different set of the same nature’s decorations is a tough task. Consequently, doodle art is usually encouraged for such door décor.

4) Seasonal Door Décor

Seasonal door décor is also a fun and one of the most exciting college door decorations. It not only helps in enhancing the living environment of the college but also a source of relishing the season’s merriness.

For a Spring/Summer look, use many flowers for your college doors. Sunflowers, Daisy, Daffodils, Dahlia, Marigold, Pineapple Lilies, Blanket Flowers, Fire Lilies, Peony, and Gardenia are the best choice in this regard. You will have not only a colorful decoration but also a flowery smell spread around in your corridors all the time. You can attach these flowers’ bouquets to your college doors or can also use them in garlands. It’s up to you. Moreover, for further enhancement, you can also use decorations like Welcome chalkboard signs, etc. Opting for a nominal and simple décor is however preferred most of the time.

For an Autumn/Winter look Pansy, Pieris Japonica, Hellebore, Winter Honeysuckle, Witch Hazel, Holly Bushes, Camellia, and English Primrose are the best options. In addition to this, Festive and Halloween also fall in the same season. Therefore, an extra opportunity for good looking door decor.

5) College Anniversary Decorations for the Door

College Anniversaries are something celebrated with great zeal every year. Alumni dinners, celebrations, and formal gathering of the professors and students make the occasion even more joyous. Moreover, who doesn’t love the place they spent a significant era of their life, teenage? Anyhow, College door decorations for anniversaries are quite easy and straightforward. Decorating the door with just a few welcome notes, messages, greeting and floral decorations with some spotlights and string lights will do the job for you.

6) Halloween themed Door Décor

Halloween is a widely celebrated festival. Its importance can be estimated by the fact that even school, college, and university management holds the parties on Halloween night for their students. Therefore, in such a scenario, college door decorations, and classroom door decorations, college theme cannot be neglected.

For a Halloween look, there is a diverse range of DIY options from which you can easily choose. Some people go for a Spider and Cobwebs décor, while others go for a Graveyard, Skulls and Bones wreaths theme. There’s a variety of options available. However, for this costumed night, Skulls, Bones, Tombstones, Cobwebs, Carved Pumpkins, and some spiders/rats/bats can do the job while you can also use some extra decorations like 3D printed/drawn, door zombie cages, wooden planks, and things like that.

7) Everyday Door Decorations for College

Every day college door decorations are effortless to make. Also, they are more long-lasting. For a more enhanced everyday door decoration, first of all, use a flower basket hanged in the middle of the door. If you are looking forward to an event, use fresh flowers. However, if you are going for a year-long decoration, then always use artificial flowers. You can also use Wooden tags, and Moos covered Letter monogram initials, and custom printed door covers with the management’s approval.

Some Final Thoughts

Where College Door Decorations are necessary to have, they are also fun to make. You not only get to be creative for your classroom’s doors in a much practical way, but there are also winning prizes for the best ones. So, a great form of extracurricular activity for students and a very hospitable, well-decorated environment for the people visiting your college or classrooms. Thus, a win-win situation.


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