Best Cruise Door Decorations

Cruises are a great way to enjoy your holiday vacation. You can book a cruise ride, pack your bags, and go on a unique experience of a lifetime. In the middle of deep seas, and along the coast of unknown countries. You’ll find many things to cherish.

Going on a cruise is very exciting and thrilling. Where one has a fear of sea storms and deep blue waters, you will also enjoy a lot of onboard benefits. Variety of food, private events, and parties, Family Get-togethers, Late night Chats on the top of the ship and last but not the least, luxurious rooms to stay. Surprisingly, these rooms are hugely equipped with all the advanced, state-of-the-art facilities. That offer not only a feeling of home but also luxuries of the 5-star hotels, combined! This is the reason cruise trips are widely preferred by the adults so that they can spend their holidays in the way they want without any worries.

Where cruise ships offer a very hospitable environment, it also provides the flexibility of room decoration. These decorations can also extend to the doors of your stateroom (a private compartment inside a ship). Thus, on a cruise ship, with a variety of parties, food, and custom designed luxury rooms to rest. What’s better than that? Let it be any Cruise Ship Decoration Ideas; Funny Cruise Door Decorations, Royal Caribbean Cruise Door Decorations, or Anniversary Cruise Door Decorations, you can choose from a variety of options.

Rules for Decorating Your Stateroom Door

Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Windstar Cruises, Silversea Cruises or any the sort of other cruise companies, they offer you cooperation for stateroom decorations. Depending on the occasion type birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, etc., you can freely decorate your door. However, there are some international set of rules. Rules you have to abide by while decorating your door. So, no one, on board or the ship itself, can suffer from unfortunate incidents or harmful damages.

  • All the decorations must be fire retardant in nature. i.e., Made of fire-retardant fabric/substance.
  • You can only attach the decorations using magnets/command strips.
  • Adhesives for gluing the decorations to the door, not allowed.
  • Items sprayed with fire retardant sprays are never allowed for onboard door decorations.
  • Decorations must only limit to the doors.
  • You cannot use string lights. Moreover, no decorations on light fittings and fixtures as they can block the airflow and cause fire due to overheating of electrical components and wiring.
  • No decorations would ever be permitted in the hallways, walls, railings of your surroundings.
  • Balconies should remain empty all the time. i.e., no exterior decorations.

Here are the 6 Best Cruise Door Decoration Picks

1) Funny Cruise door decorations

Funny cruise door decorations are the most popular. It not only offers a happy and joyful environment for your loved ones but also is appealing to the eyes. For children and also for the elderly. Themed decorations are the top-category in this regard. It may be your child’s dream vacation, or it can be the bachelorette of your friend, millions of funny cruise ship decoration ideas are available.

For funny decorations for your door, doodle art and door signs go a long way. You can order custom designed door covers online of your favorite doodle art, containing the sketches of your friends and occasion’s theme or even can draw it yourself on paper. Since there are some rules to follow, for door decorations on a cruise ship, going for a door cover with magnetic attachments is the best option. On the other hand, for a childish theme, the procedure remains the same.   

2) Graduation Door Décor

Graduations are a grand celebration and probably the happiest day(s) for the students. Whether its high school, college, or university, the joy of graduation is the same. However, there’s also a little sadness that resides in the heart of students. The people they spent their youth with, school and college days, all are now going to separate and different directions. Maybe someone is shifting abroad for a job, or someone is going back to their country after studying. Either way, farewells are the hardest. So, to make this event more memorable, stateroom decorations come in regard.

You can invite your friends and decorate their doors with your old memories. Photos, notes, or messages. You can use command or magnetic strips to paste them on their doors. Moreover, you can also use some custom designed door prints. On the other hand, for your family and friends also it’s an incredibly happy occasion. So also use some flashy decorations, like garlands, wreaths, balloons and things like that to enhance the embellishment.

3) Anniversary Cruise Door Decorations

One of the prime times to go on a cruise ship is on your wedding anniversary. There’s nothing more beautiful and romantic than taking your better half with you, in a huge cruise ship, in between the unknown waters far from the land. Such type of trips is mostly preferred by the couples on their anniversaries. As it not only offers them some quality time to spend together but also re-celebrate the day, they took their vows.

Anniversary cruise door decorations remain mostly elegant and straightforward. Most of the time, Polaroid photos and flower wreaths are a usual décor. To best have the look, find a wreath of your favorite flowers or make yourself one. Then attach it to the door using command strips and paste some polaroid photos in its surrounding with magnetic attachments. If you want, you can also connect some bouquets.

4) Festive, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Décor

Festivals are a great time to go on a cruise trip. Especially at the time of Christmas. When the winter is at its peak. There’s snow everywhere, and you quickly get up to a month’s official holiday. It’s the ideal time to go for a cruise. Towards the countries where the weather is a little less harsh. In addition to that, every person should experience these festivals while on a cruise trip, at least once in their lifetime. The environment and merriness it offers are quite blissful and enchanting. A type that you’ll never find in your home or your city. It is completely different.

Since on a vacation holiday and that too during the Festival season, you need to spend more time with your family and friends onboard. So, the best way for cruise ship decoration ideas for your stateroom door is to get 3D printed door covers for the occasion type, online. It has two benefits. Firstly, it saves you some extra time, and secondly, it is easy to attach. Therefore, always recommended.

5) Birthday Door Décor

Birthday door décor for your stateroom is quite tricky yet exciting. Where you have certain limitations for decorating materials. From the cruise ship decoration ideas, you have to select the ones that best suit your theme, whether the birthday is of a child or an adult and should also be non-adhesive and compatible with cruise door attachments. It’s a tough challenge. However, you can still find thousands of solutions. As we all know, most of the cruise ships are also booked for the sole purpose of birthday celebration.

Therefore, for themed birthday decorations, you can use metal/magnetic figures. If it’s the birthday of your child, go for a superhero or cartoon-inspired look. Batman, Spiderman, or Superman, etc., you can locate magnetic 3D prints at any supermarket or gift shop. Use them for the stateroom door décor. Also, use some magnetic signboards to write some wishes on the door of the birthday person.

For the birthday decorations of adults, you can go for your desired ones but remember that they should also suit the cruise ship doors — either attachable by magnets or command strips.

6) Special Occasions Décor; Retirement, Promotions, etc.

Promotions and Retirements come in everybody’s lives. There can also be multiple Retirements and promotions. Like a person has more than one business, passions, and talents. Anyhow, to celebrate them, you also require something extraordinary like a cruise trip celebration. To give your staying area an environment of the promotion or retirement theme, you can use handwritten farewell notes, congratulating messages, personal quotes, and also some bouquets. The best cruise ship decoration idea for such events is to keep it as minimal and classy as possible. Never go for extra decoration on the door. However, as far as the party is concerned, never go easy on that! Because you never know when you are going to have a get-together of family and friends like that, again.


Cruise ships offer a premium channel for vacation holidays. The peaceful and alluring environment it has to offer can never be found at any other vacation destination in the world. So, to add even more fun to that, use cruise ship decoration ideas for special events. Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries, Family Trips, Honeymoon, Retirement, Graduations, and every sort of occasions like these are a great source to celebrate on a cruise ship.


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