Door decorating contest rules and ideas (Holidays, School, Office, Neighborhood, etc)

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Door decorating contests can be a boatload of fun when it comes to schools, workplaces, or a friendly competition with neighbors! It’s recommended to have a plan in mind when it comes to holding this type of contest so that everyone is on the same page.

The right approach will go a long way in bringing people together and making everyone get into the holiday spirit.

Before getting started, it’s important to know how the door decorating contest is going to be held. This includes underlying rules and ideas for the contest.

Here are the main rules and ideas to focus on when it comes to running the door decorating contest successfully.

door decorating contest rules and guidelines list

Door Decorating Competition Rules

1. Contestants will have to apply and obtain approval before decorating the door (i.e. office place decorations)
2. Any door decorating should not interfere with the door’s general purpose
3. The door decorating contest will go on between X Date and Y Date
4. All door decorations must follow the listed theme
5. Only one door can be decorated for the content
6. Materials and/or products used for the decorations cannot harm the door’s longevity or integrity
7. The door will be cleaned after the decorating contest has declared a winner and this is the decorator’s responsibility
8. To mount the decorations, only clear tape will be used (no waxes, glues)
9. The door decorations must be appropriate (i.e. meet workplace standards for workplace contests)

As you can see, these door decorating contest rules are pretty straightforward and should serve as a foundation when outlining your guidelines. But make sure to adapt them to your specific situation and/or needs.

Also, keep in mind these may also depend on the environment you will be hosting the contest in. For example, these guidelines may vary slightly from an office setting to a neighborhood contest, to a school door decorating contest, etc.

The judging criteria include:

  • Craftsmanship (Finishing)
  • Creativity
  • Visual Appeal

The judging will take place by volunteer judges as decided by the contest host. This judging will take place on the final day of the competition or the listed date as agreed upon by the contestants.

The winning team will win XYZ (fill in the blank) prize.

Door Decorating Contest Ideas

a young woman hanging office door holiday decorations for a contest

1) Holiday Emojis

There is nothing more contemporary than emojis!

Why not set up a contest that is going to be built around this idea? The concept is to decorate the room using emojis that have become part and parcel of online lingo. While using these emojis, the contestants have to make sure to give them a holiday twist.

emojis representing door decorating contest ideas

This could be something as simple as putting on a Christmas hat on the emoji, a candy cane in the mouth, or something similar.

The ideas are out there and it will allow contestants to play around with their creative angles while keeping things clean at the same time. It’s a perfect option for getting people into door decorations while allowing them enough space to get as creative as possible.

2) Santa Theme

Santa has become synonymous with this time of the year and it gives you a child-like theme that is close to everyone’s heart.

The contest can be built around creating a personal themed Santa that covers the front of the door. This can include putting Santa in different types of settings based on what is close to the person’s heart. For example, it can be something as unique as having Santa riding a bike through the woods with a hat on!

The options are out there and this will be fun for those who are getting involved in the contest.

3) Winter Theme

Winter months bring along with them, snow and cold weather. These are things that are going to be on a person’s mind whenever they are going to school, coming to work, or just living at home. Since this is the case, any door decorating contest that is being set up can play around with a winter-based theme.

neighbor halloween door decorating contest rules

This means the doors have to be decorated with winter elements such as snow, icicles, ice, and/or anything else that is decorative and unique.

It will be a good way to mix things up while allowing people enough space to remain creative. This is essential when it comes to any modern door decorating contest.

4) Favorite Christmas Recipes

Everyone loves good eggnog during the Christmas season and that is just one way to decorate the door. It’s about creating graphical designs that are built around favorite Christmas recipes. So many different types of foods and drinks are created during this time of the season and have become synonymous with the holidays.

By taking time out to set up a door decorating contest around this idea, it will bring along world-class designs from everyone.

Just the idea of mixing things up by showcasing different recipes will also provide a personalized touch that’s impossible to ignore!

5) Christmas Colors

If you want to give contestants as much leeway as possible, you will want to focus on strict colors. This means Christmas or holiday colors that are noted for being a big part of this time of the year.

For example, the door decorations must include green, red, and white to name a few.

Christmas office door decorating contest rules and supplies

The way you design this contest is going to vary, but it will allow contestants to get as creative as possible with their designs.

This is essential when it comes to hosting a good door decorating contest. Let people get involved in using these colors and make the most of what they can do.

6) Gingerbread House

The gingerbread house is a holiday classic and one that has been made by almost everyone. This is a holiday-based theme that is going to resonate with participants and is going to get them excited.

You want to design a door decorating contest that will play with this theme and make it central to how the door is decorated.

This can include gingerbread colors, designs, and anything else that is associated with the overall theme. People will fall in love with all that it has to offer, which is key for any successful door decorating contest.

Lastly, Some Takeaways For You

When holding a door decorating contest, make sure to take your time and iron out the details in advance. There is no reason to hold a contest that is going to be all over the place and confusing to understand.

Set clear boundaries and make sure all parties are on the same page in advance. This includes the type of decorations being used and how they are attached to the door.

But the most important thing to remember is to have fun with this! 🙂


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