Dorm Door Decoration Ideas: On A Budget

We all have spent some time in our college/university life in dorms. Whether it was for a short period or a longer one, everybody has experienced the hostel life at least once in their lifetime. The hostel life is quite different from your home life, yet quite exciting and fun. You get to meet many people outside of your classroom. Your friends’ circle keeps on getting more significant. Hostilities enjoy their college or university period a bit more than regular students. It’s because they get much exposure. Friends sleepovers, night outs, parties, and group studies, you name it, everything happens in these dorm rooms regularly.

To enjoy hostel life to its extreme ends, dorm room decorations become a necessity. Since you have people, or your friends are visiting you every day in your dorm room. Whether you live alone, or you have a shared room, either way, beautifying your living space is only in your benefit. It would not only embellish your living space but also give the outsider a feeling of home. Neat, tidy, and well decorated. Keeping in view these dorm decorations, door décor comes at the top.

As a door is the first thing that would come in the way of a person visiting your dorm, the decorations should also start from the door. There are millions of different, unique, and distinctive dorm room decorations ideas available on the internet. The best part is that you can order them online or even make them with your hands through DIY Tutorials as well. Consequently, dorm decorations become much more affordable, easy to make, fun, and entertaining for the students.

Here are the 8 best Dorm Door Decoration Ideas to Decorate on a Budget

1. Polaroid Photos Decoration

Polaroid Photos is one of the old-school decorations which are still in trend. Even Special polaroid cameras like Instax mini 9, etc., are still being manufactured for the sole purpose. Moreover, why they shouldn’t be? As these decorations are comfortable, classic, and fulfill almost all the decorations needs.

To have polaroid dorm room decorations for your room, buy a polaroid camera first. These cameras are very affordable nowadays and will cost you a few hundred bucks, one or two, not more than that. Now start taking photos of yourself, your friends, and if you live in a shared room, your roommates. Keep on doing this till you have a good collection of at least 20-30 photos. Now collect them, think of the pattern you want and paste them on your door. You can also arrange them in a random order, which again, is a decoration in itself. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend a hundred bucks for one-time decoration like photos, you can also use mobile captured photographs and have them developed in the same manner, by any quality photo studio.

2. Christmas Themed Door

Festive is the time of grand celebration. Thus, it also comes with splendid decorations for your houses, hostels dorms, markets, roads, and what not. Some people even start preparing for the festival a month before. However, that depends on the time and zeal you possess.

To decorate your dorm door with a Christmas themed embellishment, you can go with a variety of options. Hanging Christmas stockings with your door, Decorating the boundaries with Candy canes, Garlands, Bulbs, String lights, Artificial Snow with Snow Sprays, Wreaths, Christmas trees, Reindeer Statues or Santa Drawings for your door, everything goes in this regard. It’s totally up to you what type of decoration you want. Whether it should be done using 2-3 of the mentioned decorations or all of them, you can always select according to your desire.

3. Letter Monogram Décor

Letter Monogram door décor is very classic and probably the best suited for your dorm decorations. It is effortless yet alluring in its design. You can have your name’s initials, or also the initials of your roommates. There are several ways for letter monograms like,

  • Floral Monograms

Floral Monograms are particularly good looking and give a more natural edge. To make this, use a wooden or iron structure for your letter monograms. Paint, and glue the artificial flowers with the arrangement. Your floral monogram decoration is ready to be hung with your door. 

  • Moss Covered Monograms

Moss covered monograms are gorgeous. They give a refreshing makeover to your door. For such decorations, first, take a hardwood structure for monogram and attach it to the door. Now take some hot glue or super glue, apply it on the structure and start covering the letters with real moss leaves till no space is left behind. However, you’ll need an extra boundary to hang these hardwood structures to your door.

  • Picture Frame Letter Monograms

Picture frame monogram letter is quite simple to make. Just take a large, old photo frame. Wrap it in wallpaper. Now make the letter monogram using wooden rulers and also wrap them in a contrasting color. Attach to the door. For further enhancement, you can use a wreath or bow tie at any one of the corners of the picture frame.

4. Halloween Door Decorations

Halloween door decorations are also fun. These spooky dorm room decorations are not only best suited for your door but also the hallways. When it comes to Halloween, usually carved pumpkin faces are used. However, you can also use Faux bones, Skulls, Tombstones made of Styrofoam, Cobwebs, and Spiders, Scary looking nailed wooden planks made of cardboard, and the list continues. The decoration ideas for Halloween might not end, but you will run out of time if confused between what to choose and what not. Just pick a theme and start decorating. It’s that much simple. 

5. Doodle Art Decorations

Doodle art decoration for your door is very artistic. Nonetheless, it would be best if you had an exceptional talent for drawing. However, if you are not good at drawing, you can also hire a professional sketch artist or a graphic designer, tell them what you need and have the design printed for you. Doodle art decorations not only cover the entire length of your door but are also more attracting. They make your door stand out in the hallways because of the unique structural design. For the sketches, you can have the faces of your friends and even yourself with a lot of puns, jokes, and living habits graphically portrayed. All in all, it’s a diverse option to choose for your dorm decorations.

6. Flower Basket and Wooden Name Tags

Flower baskets with wooden name tags is a quite simple, and beautiful door decoration for your dorm. Moreover, it’s very budget-friendly and simple to make.

Go the market and buy a flower basket. You can either choose carved one or the embroidered one. Since you are going for carved, wooden name tags, choosing the decorated basket would be the best option. Now hang it in the middle of your door but a little upwards. You can use artificial and fresh flowers, depending on the budget or type of decoration you want. However, choosing artificial ones can be in your benefit. It not only gives you a year-long decoration but also is easy to maintain. It also provides a sharper look to your door. As far as wooden name tags are concerned, make a bow tie, and hang them to the lower side of your door beneath the basket. The best part is, you don’t necessarily need to make this look extra flashy. If you wish, you can paint them according to your creativity.

7. 3D Printed Door Covers

3D printed door covers are a very affordable solution for your dorm decorations. Whether you want to decorate your door for unique events/festivals or need everyday decoration. You can either order ready-made door covers or also get personalized ones. Also, they are extremely easy to paste. You don’t have to make any extra effort. Thus, saving you both time and money.

8. Creative Ideas for Door Decorations

Innovative door décor is very trendy yet challenging to make. For such a decoration type, you need to have exceptional creative, arts, and crafts skills. Also, the ability to execute those ideas. Only then you would be able to achieve an extraordinary look.

  • Contrasting Paints

Contrasting paints is incredibly fun door decoration. Painting your doors in more than 2 portions with totally different colors! You can also use a base white/black paint and then splash/spray multi-colored paints droplets on it to give a more rugged appearance.

  • Paint Chips

Decorating your door with paint chips is very easy yet a tiring task. You need to have thousands of paint chips, and each one of them should fit the related coloring scheme. Once you’ve gathered the decorations, start pasting these paint chips on your door to make a rainbow-like pattern. Moreover, it’s complete.

Summing Up

Dorm room decorations are necessary if you want your room to stand out in the hostel. Moreover, dorm decorations for the door also leave a strong impact on the minds of visitors for their creative and decorative skills.


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