Have Fun With These Easter Door Decorations!

Easter is one of the most favorite, widely celebrated Christian festivals. It not only offers a unique beginning to the new spring season but also signifies its religious importance. Easter brunch, dinners, or anything like that also remain the much-desired part of the day. As you get to meet a lot of your old friends, your family, eat a variety of foods and spend some quality time with your closed ones. Easter and Spring are interrelated. Where Easter hails the start of the spring season, spring also adds to the beauty of Easter by providing it with a fresh, flowery environment — thus complementing each other.

As we all know that, when there is a diverse range of exceptionally alluring flowers available all around you, how come decorations can be left behind? Let it be Interior Decorations, Exterior Décor, Home Decorations, Market and Office Embellishments; everything needs to remain well-lit and decorated all the time. Such decorations offer you three main benefits; You get to enjoy the spring season to its fullest extent, Flowery decorations add to the beauty of your house and Easter remains fulfilled with all the fresh, positive vibes. Thus, always maximizing the joy of the occasion.

The question arises, where to begin decorating for Spring, especially for a day like Easter? Your house is probably the best answer. Since not only all the guests visiting will first notice these decorations but also these embellishments help your home stand out in the neighborhood. In terms of elegance and simplicity of Easter Decorations. So, the best way to start decorating your house is through the door first. Let it be Spring door decorations, Easter door decorations, or Easter wreaths for the front door; everything goes very well in this regard.

Here are the best Easter Door Decorations

Easter Bunny Banner

Easter bunny banner is the cutest, little hanging decoration for your front door. It is not only easy to make but also gives your door the best makeover. All you need is a

  • Solid fabric cloth.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • A pair of long chopsticks.
  • Some yarn.

Moreover, you’re good to go.

First, take the solid fabric cloth and cut it in an arrow shape. Now take a piece of cardboard and cut it into a bunny-shaped stencil. Put the cardboard at the center of the cloth and fill the bunny space with acrylic paint. Let dry. Now using yarn make a pom-pom tail and either glue or sew it to the fabric. Your decoration is ready. To hang it to the door, take a pair of chopsticks and glue them together. Now roll a small portion of cloth from the upper side with the chopsticks and fix. Hang it to the door using a thick thread. 

Plastic Eggs Wreath

Plastic eggs wreath is one of the most common and underrated decorations for Easter. However, it doesn’t change the fact that such Easter wreaths for the front door are exceptionally good looking.

To make a plastic eggs wreath follow these simple steps

  1. Buy a bunch of plain white plastic eggs from the market and color them in any way you want. Textures, patterns, and coloring scheme will be of your choice.
  2. Now take 10-20 colorful computer papers and pass through the paper shredder.
  3. Collect the paper shreds and glue them with either a wired or wooden structure for the wreath. The best way to do that is to fix them with a thick jute wreath.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Once the paper shreds are adequately fixed to the wreath, take plastic eggs, and start gluing them to the wreath.
  6. Arrange them in 2-3 layers. Let Dry.
  7. Hang it to your door.
  8. Done!

Glitter Fruit Wreath

Glitter fruit wreath is a very classic and trendy Easter door decoration. It gives your door a much improved, shiny, and bold look. Hence, best suited for an occasion like Easter.

To best achieve the look, buy some easter eggs or faux fruits, collect some real tree branches and long leaves. Take the tree branches, 10-12 in number, stack them together, and fix using thin wire knots in a circular shape. Now hot glue the tree leaves, faux or real, to the wreath. The best recommendation for a long-lasting look is to use artificial leaves and fruits. Now, easter eggs or imitation fruits, whatever you have, give a glittery look using adhesive spray and glittery sprinkles as a medium. Once they have completely dried up, glue them to only one half of the wreath. Your glitter fruit wreath decoration for Easter is set.

Easter Basket Décor

Easter basket Décor for your front door is one of the best looks for both the Spring door decorations and    Easter door decorations. It is simple yet tricky to achieve.

Firstly, buy a flower basket, either embroidered or carved one depending on your door type. Paint it in a colorful pattern, suitable for spring’s theme. Fill it with artificial or real flowers, leaves, and some grass. If possible, also add some tree branches as well. Now take some easter eggs and draw some patterns of your choice. Let them dry and linearly glue to the basket. i.e., in one line either vertically or horizontally.

For further enhancement, you can use ribbon bow-ties or can also write some text on the eggs like welcome messages, Easter greetings, or even your family names.

Floral Paper Wreath for Easter

Floral Easter wreaths for the front door are common but have you tried paper ones? If not, then it’s the theme for you this year. Although such wreaths require a lot of hard work and time but also the results are quite worthy.

  • Take a cardboard sheet, cut it into a spherical shape, and paint it in a bright white color.
  • Using computer papers, make multi-colored, three-dimensional paper flowers.
  • Glue them all together on the white cardboard base in a manner that no part of the cardboard should be visible.
  • Let dry and hand to your door.

It’s that much simple and easy.

Bunny made from Leaves

Bunny made from small leaves is also one of the most effective and pleasing Easter Door decorations.

First, take a thick metallic wire and make a perfect bunny shape. You can have joints in the structure for places like ears, etc., it doesn’t matter. However, the perfection of the structure should be kept in mind all the time. Take a substantial number of branches along with small leaves; Dichondra Repens plant would be perfect for the job. Carefully, attach the wooden branches with the structure that only leaves are visible. If necessary, give it a proper shape by cutting all the extra twigs. In the end, you can use a black or white silk ribbon bowtie at the top.

Succulent Letter Monogram

Letter Monograms can go for any occasion. Moreover, if you want to add an extra occasional or seasonal touch to your decorations, you can use Succulent Letter Monograms. Hearty succulents are the best option in this regard. As they love to grow vertically and, they don’t need as much maintenance and watering. You can find these decorations at any of the nurseries or can also make yourself one at home. However, going for the ready-made one is an intelligent move. It saves not only your time but also money.

Watering Can Décor

Watering can Décor is an all-rounder. It can go for Spring door decorations as well as Easter door decorations. Watering can décor is one of the most affordable, long-lasting, and beautiful door decorations for Easter you can possess. Since all the things you are going to need are already present in your storage. Thus, a cost-effective, yet charming Easter door decoration solution.

Take an old; rusty watering can. You can use the watering can as it is or if you want, paint. Fill one half of it with soil if you are going to use real flowers. On the other hand, if faux flowers are to be used, there is no need to add the soil. Place flowers in it and Hang to your door. Nothing extra!

Easter Bunny Wreath

Easter bunny wreath is the best choice for Easter door decorations. In short, it fulfills all your needs. Easter eggs, bunnies, Flowers and Wreaths, you can find all of them in one place. Therefore, making it one of our personal favorite’s door décor for Easter. To make the Easter wreaths for front door with bunny, utilize this simple process

Things you’ll need

  1. Thick, long Jute Strings enough in number to fit your hand tightly.
  2. Flowers, either real or faux ones.
  3. Small, Stuffed Bunny.
  4. Easter eggs.
  5. Some acrylic paints.

Take the jute strings, stack and fix their circular position using jute strings again as knots. Now with the help of hot glue gun or super glue, cover 1/3rd of the wreath in flowers and leaves, thoroughly. In the second portion place a bunny and attach it also using the hot glue.

Summing Up

Easter door decorations are effortless and fun to make. However, choosing from a diverse range of solutions can be a tough task. That’s why we’ve picked the best themes for you!


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