6 Fun Disney Cruise Door Decorations!

In everybody’s life, vacations are the most desired part of the year. Whether for a short period or a longer one, their importance and desire never end. We work all year long looking forward to that one dream vacation. As soon as we get a chance, the next thing we know we are on either a cruise ship or wandering through the different continents and meeting a whole bunch of strangers, staying in fancy hotels, eating a variety of traditional and continental foods, and relaxing. This is what a vacation looks like. If you are on a cruise ship, then the joy further multiplies. Attending different onboard parties, celebrations, grand dinners, and entertainment is an entirely different adventure. The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere. Whatever happens, happens on that particular cruise ship. Just step out of your stateroom, and you’ll see thousands of events happening right there, to enjoy yourself.

Disney Cruise Line is one of the most successful, widely preferred, and luxurious themed cruise ship company. With four types of differently styled cruise ships available; Disney Dream, Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder, the company assures you have the experience of your lifetime. These ships not only offer an opportunity for the vacation of a lifetime but also provide you with state-of-the-art living facilities so that you may never have to face boredom on the cruise. Instead, the luxuries are such a high profile that you might even forget your house for that particular period when you’re on a cruise trip.

Disney specifically offers the flexibility of room decorations for its clients. Disney cruise door decorations are very significant for your living space in this regard. Not only they are beautiful to look but make your door more captivating in its build style. As you are going to spend a few months inside the cruise ship, it’s probably an intelligent move to give your stateroom a new makeover. Since every door is different, so are the door decorations. There are a wide variety of doors with their particular décor styles. Let it be Disney cruise door decorations Christmas, Magnetic door décor hangers, free printable cruise door decorations or door covers for your stateroom. You easily hold access to many door décor ideas for your stateroom.

Before You Get Started

Hang some decorations, attach some wreaths and garlands, and draw some cartoons, decorating your stateroom isn’t that much straightforward. There is a set of international standards which is necessary to meet. These rules and regulations for decorating your door are only for the sole purpose of safety. Safety of the ship, it’s furnishing, people on-board, and the crew members. To ensure a safe cruise trip for all the people, Disney has a stringent policy when it comes to door decorations. Defiance of which results in a fine of one hundred dollars per violation along with legal actions.

Some basic rules for decorating your door;

  • All the decorations must belong to the fire-retardant category. 
  • Cloth/Items sprayed with fire retardant sprays also remain prohibited.
  • No adhesive or tape use is encouraged.
  • Only use command strips or magnetic paper to attach your decorations to your door.
  • No string lights or electric decorations like that can be used.
  • Not a single decoration on light fittings and fixtures. As they can cause overheating and result in a fire outbreak because of the air-flow restriction through the electrical components.
  • Decorations must remain limited to your door only. i.e. No decorations in hallways, balconies, or any exterior portion of your room.
  • You can use door covers and magnetic papers for decorations as long as they don’t damage the look/construction of the doors.

Here are the 6 best Disney Cruise Door Decorations

1) Door Décor for Birthdays

One of the widely celebrated and most preferred celebrations on cruise trips is of birthdays. Some people even find it the best way to celebrate one’s birthday. Ultimately, booking the cruise trips for the very purpose. Either way, birthdays are more fun and entertaining when celebrated on a cruise ship. Since you only have your close friends and family along with you, the environment becomes much joyous and happy. No outside distractions. Besides, you can have a variety of events, dishes, and parties. Depending on the budget you possess, from simple décor to luxurious one, every sort of celebrations is readily available.

However, the first and foremost task to perform in this regard is to decorate your stateroom door. As we all know, decorations for birthdays and even the birthday parties themselves start from your room. To best achieve the look, always go for magnetic paper. Polaroid photos, birthday banners, balloons wreaths and some paper tinsels are the best decorations for the purpose.

You can attach the balloon wreath in the middle of the door. Attach the Polaroid photos in between the balloons. For further enhancement, you can fix a birthday banner at the top with hanging paper tinsels. Your birthday Disney cruise door decorations are ready.

2) Halloween Stateroom Door Decorations

Festivals are also a great occasion to celebrate on a cruise ship. Halloween being top of the list. Since you already are present in a giant cruise ship with not so crowded hallways, in a gathering of strangers and on unknown deep-sea waters, the theme is perfect for spooky Halloween decorations. All you need to do is give your door a scary face, and you are good to go.

The best concept to opt for is simple decorations. Like cobwebs, spiders and some carved pumpkins, tombstones or faux bones. First of all, cover your door with artificial cobwebs. Place some spiders in it and using magnetic -paper, make some tombstones and fix to the door. You can also use 3D printed faux bones and skulls in this regard.

3) Rustic Cruise Door Decorations

Rustic and simple cruise door decorations are appropriate for family vacations. Things like door tags, magnetic quotes, letter monograms or flowers are really helpful in this regard. It is not only an elegant everyday door décor for your stateroom but also offers a more peaceful environment to live.

4) Themed Cruise Ship Door Décor

Themed cruise ship decorations are a perfect fit for children. Children who like comics, superheroes, and cartoons. As it is much simpler to achieve. Whether it is their birthday or just a regular vacation, you can give a best-themed look for their dream vacation. Now you have much versatility for themed decorations. You can have personalized door covers with some doodle art or even can draw on a magnetic paper sheet yourself. Therefore, making it one of the most effective and free printable cruise door decorations.

Firstly, determine the favorite character of your child. Whether it’s real life or reel life, please select the one appropriate to its desire. In the second step, evaluate the proper decorating style for that character. It should not only fit perfectly for your stateroom door but also should be appropriate for everyone else living or passing through the hallways. In the last step, using command strips, attach these covers or custom prints to your door.

5) Festive Décor for your Stateroom

Christmas door décor is famous worldwide. Its importance can be estimated by the fact that even cruise ships offer the freedom of stateroom door decorations when it comes to Christmas. However, those decorations should follow their company’s policies and guidelines. i.e. No harmful decorations are usable.

Festive door décor not only beautifies your door and its surroundings but also gives you a feeling of home. A feeling that assures your participation in the grand celebration. Therefore, maintaining the excitement for the festive while on a cruise trip. The best Disney cruise door decorations Christmas to go for in this regard is garlands and wreaths with some red ribbons. To best achieve the look, first, take a wreath and using command strips, attach to the middle of the door. Hang the garlands to the boundary of your stateroom door using magnetic attachments. Now for the red ribbon, make it out of a magnetic paper sheet. Then create a plus sign covering all the door, however, pointed towards the right-bottom corner of the door. For further embellishment, you can attach a bow tie on it as well. Keep in mind that the bow should also be made out of the same magnetic paper sheet.

6) Special Occasion Decorations

Special occasion Disney cruise door decorations are trendy. Retirements, Promotions, Honeymoons, Graduations, Bachelorette Parties or Wedding Anniversaries. You name it; everything is celebrated on cruise ships. So why not have a proper theme for it?

moreover, that’s where stateroom door décor comes into existence. Since all of the occasions are thoroughly unique and distinctive in nature, therefore, decorations also vary. For Retirements, Promotions, and Graduations, usually, greetings, motivational quotes, and personal messages can be seen. While for wedding anniversaries and honeymoons, the theme is quite decorative and exceptional. Bachelorette parties, on the other hand, possess very creative and funny decorations.

Summing Up

Stateroom Door Décor for Disney Cruises is entertaining yet tricky. Since the type of decorations you can use are available in a restricted manner. Therefore, these are some of the best door décor ideas to help you in getting the best out of what you already have in mind.


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