Get Spooky With These Halloween Door Décor Ideas

Halloween is one of the most desired festivals, among the children and adults alike. Spooky decorations, Scary figures, Haunted Themed Houses, Treats, and Candies. This is what Halloween looks like for children. Adults also take advantage of the occasion by catching up with their old friends, meeting their families, and having dinners. Halloween is a fun festival to celebrate.

Maintaining the essence and spirit of Halloween, Halloween decorations are very significant. Whether these decorations are of the interior of your living space, the exterior of your house or the doorways, everything has to be furnished/embellished accordingly. Halloween door hangers, Homemade Hanging Halloween Door Decorations, Scary Halloween Door Face, you name it, everything goes in this regard.

However, Halloween decorations are also quite tricky, and even sometimes, challenging. Since every house is opting for the same theme, it becomes a tough task to make your decorations stand out. Something unique, distinctive, and one of a kind is truly hard to find. This is where DIY decorations come into existence. If you don’t find what you want, make it yourself. There are millions of Halloween decorations ideas available on the internet with DIY Tutorials. Just go online, select what you want and make! It’s that much simple and easy.

Here are the 12 best Halloween Door Décor Ideas

1) Dark, Glittery Door Décor

Dark and Shimmering theme is the best to pick for Halloween. However, this is for the doors which have a contrast between white and black/dark brown colors with the outdoor walls. It not only is simple and easy to make but also makes your decorations shine a bit extra for the spooky night.

First of all, chose the right theme. If your door is already black or dark brown in color with white walls, you are good to go. Otherwise, first, wrap the door and walls in the same coloring scheme. Now in the second step, take a few pumpkins and an appreciable of golden fruits. The third step comprises of painting these fruits in gold spray paint and gold leaves. If you wish, you can make some dark patterns on the pumpkins also. For further enhancement, you can also attach all the golden fruits in the shape of a large bouquet, to the door and with the dried-up tree branches in the surrounding.

2) Eyeballs Wreath

Eyeballs wreath is the most favorite homemade hanging Halloween door decorations. It is not only scary in its look but also fun and entertaining at the same time. Its multi-colored pattern adds extra colors to the occasion and even to your door.

To make this decoration, take a thick sheet of styrofoam. Now cut all of it incorrectly, round shapes, as many as you can. Take green, blue, pink and orange, or any other type of paint you want. Paint the Styrofoam balls. Once the paint is completely dried up, take small googly eyes and glue them to the balls, all in the same place. Now take a wooden or any other solid wreath frame and attach these eyeballs. Hang it with the door. Your spooky eyeball decoration for your front door is ready!       

3) Ghostly Graveyard Look

Ghostly graveyard decoration is for your entire porch, including the door. It’s probably the most challenging yet beautiful Halloween decoration.

Take a long, thick chain, paint it black, and make an arch. Please attach it to the upper half of your door with hanging sideways. Now take a synthetic/artificial cobweb and glue to your door. On the top layer of cobweb on your door, place wooden logs made out of cardboard in zig-zag order. For the surroundings, make gravestones of styrofoam. Please place them in all the corners of your door and entrance. For a few extra decorations, you can also make a ghost statue and place it beside the entrance door. For a rough look, make the stairs look old and dirty using slime as a medium.

4) Flying bats door décor

Flying bats door décor for Halloween is the most common one. It is easy to make and doesn’t require any extra effort. Just make 30-40 paper bats (chart paper) and glue them to your door in a way that represents the bats flying in a formation, headed to any one of the sides of the door.

5) Zombie Cage Décor

Zombies are probably the scariest fiction characters. A species that eats humans, chilling enough! Moreover, what’s the best opportunity to showcase the concept? Halloween. It not only gives you a scary Halloween door face but also is one of a kind in its nature.

To best achieve the look, follow these steps.

  • First of all, make the background black by wrapping your door in a jet-black door cover/wallpaper.
  • Now use cardboard or chart paper to make wooden planks.
  • Paint the planks in a bright, dark color — for example, purple, maroon, magenta, dark blue, etc.
  • Make wooden, grainy textures of black or brown paints on the planks.
  • Glue to the black cover.
  • Use 3D printed artificial/faux bone hands to fix in the gaps between the planks.
  • Use ping pong balls as eyes or the styrofoam eyeballs to attach in the background.

6) Spider, Skulls, and Cobwebs

The things that first come to our mind when we think of Halloween is carved pumpkins, spiders, cobwebs, ghosts, and human skulls. Thus, why not use the thought as a homemade hanging Halloween door decoration.

Take synthetic cobwebs and glue them to your door and its surroundings, walls, and ceilings. Make spiders out of paper and attach in separate places in fibers with the door and also with the walls. Use faux bone skeletons and skulls to hang in between the cobwebs or place them to the sides of your door. It’s finished. 

7) Pumpkin Archway Decoration

Pumpkin faces for the Halloween are quite old-fashioned door décor but also a trendy one. As it is simple to make and gives the best look in even the minimum amount of a door decoration budget. First, take an iron stand in an arch shape. Attach some dried-up flowers and leaves. Now take a bunch of pumpkins, empty and make scary faces. Hang or fix them to the iron stand in two layers, upper and lower. For a more polished look, also place some pumpkins to the sides of your door. 

8) Simple, Mummified Door

Making a mummified door is an effortless task. Moreover, it is also of the practical scary Halloween door face. Take a big, white sterile gauze roll. Glue it to the front of your door in an orderly pattern either vertically or horizontally. So, no place is left behind. Now take a black chart paper. Cut wide oval-shaped eyes and attach it to the gauze.      

9) Great Candy Pumpkin

Candy pumpkin door décor has two benefits. Firstly it’s an all-time favorite Halloween door hanger. Secondly, it also acts as a candy dispenser.

To make such a themed door décor, first, take a large chalkboard sign, fix it to your door. Take a pumpkin, cut in half, also cut the mouth shape and paint it in white color. Draw black colored eyes. Glue it to the chalkboard. Fill the mouth with candies. You can also write some welcome messages on the upper half of the chalkboard.

10) Plants and Gravestones

Gravestone decoration is also the right choice for your door. All you have to do is,

  • Take Multiple sheets of thick styrofoam.
  • Cut it in tombstone shape.
  • Paint in matte grey color.
  • Write some text on it and make some skeleton figures.
  • Fix them in the large flower pots.
  • Place the pots to the sides of your door as well as on the door.

11) Witch’s Hat Hanging Door Decoration

Witch hat’s Halloween decoration for your door is much similar to the flower basket decoration. You can find a large witch hat at any of the gift store or supermarket, or you can also use a painted umbrella. Always go for dark colored paint/cloth when buying or making a hat. Attach it in the middle of your door. Fill its inside with the rotten leaves and flowers of the same color. However, going for a ready-made witch hat is quite time-saving and affordable.

12) Skeleton Wreath

Skelton wreath is also the best representation of Halloween for your door. Where it is elementary to make, it also is readily available in the market at the time of Halloween. Therefore, making it one of the best Halloween door hangers you can choose.

To get the scary Halloween door face, go to the market and but some faux bones. Especially of hands, legs, and skull.  If you wish, you can neglect the chest portion. Now make a square wreath with bones by irregularly attaching hands and legs bones. Attach the skull on any of the ends. However, top left corner is the best-recommended place for a better look.      

Some Final Thoughts

Halloween decorations not only beautify the house but also give it a unique and distinctive look as compared to the usual, yearlong decorations. Whether these are homemade hanging Halloween door decorations or professionally manufactured ones, you can select from a diverse range of Halloween decoration solutions quite quickly.


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