Give You Front Door A Fun Summer Feel!

Summer is one of the most desired seasons among the people. Taking the warm clothes off and putting on lightweight shorts and t-shirts, it’s the best feeling. On top of that, summer vacations. A great source to relish the season’ essence to its fullest extent. Also, Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, more opportunities for an outing, Fresh air, better physical activities, walking barefoot, the smell of freshly cut grass, these are all the advantages of the summer season.

As we shop for the cotton clothes for summer and go for an outing, some people are also looking forward to house decorations for the season. Interior, Exterior, Doorways, everything needs to be embellished. It not only enhances the merriness but also gives a pure feeling of the season. Flowers, Wreaths, anything goes in this regard.

Summer decorations for your front door are of great importance. In addition to beautification your doorways and interior, it also makes your decorations according to the season as well. So that not only you but also the guests coming in can have the spirit of the fresh flowery smells. Talking of which, there are many decorating options when it comes to summer front porch décor. Everyday front door décor, Occasional Door Decoration, Spring Decorations, Front Door Hanging Decorations, or DIY decoration.

Here are the 9 best Front Door Summer Door Décor Ideas

1) Flower Basket Door Décor

Flower basket door décor has a wide range of applications. The best part is, it can go for any season. Summer, Winter, Autumn, or Spring. Just change the flower type in the basket, and your decoration is ready. Flower Basket Door Decor is one of the best summer decorations for you. It not only offers the flexibility of everyday front door décor but also is quite minimal yet elegant in its look. Consequently, making it one of our personal favorites.

To achieve the look, take a ready-made flower basket from the store. Choose either you want an embroidered style or engraved one for your basket according to the door type. If the door is engraved, go for a simple or decorated flower basket otherwise go for the carved one. Fix it to the door. Now you can use real as well as artificial flowers. It all depends on what type of occasion you’re celebrating. Whether it’s just simple summer front porch décor or you have guests coming in for a celebration. If that’s the case, always use different types of real flowers. Lilies, roses, Marigold, Dahlia, Sunflowers, or Daffodils, you can select according to your personal choice, however, if you are going for a season-long decoration, you can always use artificial flowers in different combinations as they are easy to maintain and give a sharp, long-lasting look.

2) Rugged, Rough Wooden Texture for Door Decoration

The door itself plays a vital role in summer decoration. Without attaching any front door hanging decorations, you can also make your door look exceptionally beautifully decorated by opting for a rugged and rough wood look. Since keeping the simple decorations is usually advised for the summer season to have a more natural look. Thus, it seems to be the best option. However, it’s also a high budget theme. Either you have to have the door painted in that sort of look by a professional painter or have to replace the entire door with a new one. Since more people like to make the best out of what they’ve already got, paint design is the recommended method. Bonus tip use natural shades of brown and grey, especially matte ones for enhanced wooden texture.

3) Watering Can Decoration

Watering cans decoration is quite old-fashioned yet trendy. It one of the most suitable summer decorations for your door. Moreover, it is also effortless to make. All you have to do is,

  • Go to the storage room.
  • Find an old, rusty, metal watering can.
  • Fill half of it with soil.
  • Plant some flowers/seedlings.
  • Attach to the door.

However, this decoration type depends on the make of your door. If it is hardwood and can easily bear such a load, only then use this theme. On the other hand, if your door is of made of lighter wood, especially plywood then use a plastic watering can. Paint it, and then you can use both real and artificial plants according to your choice.

4) Jute and Branch Wreaths

Wreaths find great importance in summer front porch décor. Especially Jute Wreaths. Their pure, raw, and natural look is the best fit for minimal summer decorations for your door. Wreaths made out of a bunch of old, long real tree branches can also be used in this regard.

Take a ready-made jute wreath from the market or make yourself a branch type one by taking a bunch of old, long branches of a tree, stacking them in a bundle and then binding them with thread/thin wires. Now take your favorite flowers. Again, you can use artificial as well as real flowers. Cover only one half of the wreath in flowers and adjust its place on the door. However, if you want to do some further decorations, you can attach photos, bow ties, or things like that in the middle of the wreath. Nonetheless, going for just a jute/tree branch wreath is more than enough.

5) Wooden Tags Décor

Wooden tags are also a great source of front door hanging decorations. Just take a pair of wooden tags with some fun text carved. Attach these tags in the middle, or to the side of wreaths; you have used for decoration.

6) Moss Letter Monograms Door Décor

Letter monogram door décor is exceptionally charming. It is not only pleasing to eyes but also complements your summer front porch décor. Now, letter monogram decoration can be of two types; Metal/wooden Letter Monograms or Monograms in moss plant covering.

The first type, you can use with any decoration. Whether it’s a picture frame decoration or wreath decoration, it goes with everything. However, the moss-covered letter monograms are more challenging to make but also are more alluring. You can use your family names, initial of your name or anything you want to be written in monogram letters. To make moss covered moss letter monograms, you can use this method.

  1. First, cut the wooden monograms in whatever shape you like, or you can also find ready-made in the market.
  2. Then make a boundary on the door.
  3. Nail monograms on that boundary.
  4. Take some moss leaves and a hot glue gun, or you can also use superglue.
  5. Apply some glue on wooden letter monogram and paste moss leaves.
  6. Do the same with rest of the monograms.
  7. Fill it to the maximum extent possible so that no space remains left behind.
  8. Let it dry.

7) Decor with just Fresh and Bold Paint

One of the best ways to decorate your door for summer is by using fresh paint only. Bright colors, bold paint, and creative styles, all make a perfect combination for summer decorations. Although every door can’t properly adopt the style but the ones that do, definitely stand out in the entire neighborhood for their simplicity.

First, evaluate your door type, either its single door or double door, then go for the paint, usually such decorations themes are best suitable for double doors. Anyhow, select the colors in contrast with exterior decoration but of the same color scheme. Hire a professional painter, and if possible, use more than one colors on the same door for a more creative look. Place some decorations like pants, old bicycles, and hello/welcome signs in the surroundings. 

8) Chalkboard Sign Decoration

Chalkboard sign decoration is also an old-time’s decoration style that is still in use. These decorations are quite ordinary yet good-looking.

You can find a chalkboard in any market/stationery store. Use the one in a smaller size. Take an old photo frame or tray and cut the board in its shape. Nail or screw the chalkboard with the tray or photo frame. Paint its borders in whatever way you like. Attach to the door.

You can write inspirational quotes, welcome notes, and even personal messages on the chalkboard. Therefore, making it one of the ideal decorations for summer front porch décor.

9) Antique Inspired Door Décor

Antique door look is beyond perfect. There’s nothing better than an old-style inspired, themed decoration for your door. In this regard, you can use things like vintage bicycles, cameras, motorcycles, chairs, and other rusty furniture.

The best way to achieve the theme is, take an antique camera. Fill the inside of the camera with soil and plant some flowers. Please attach it to the door with a small wreath on the top. For the surroundings, place an old bicycle/motorcycle in one corner and the old furniture in the other. For further enhancements, you can use things like lots of plants, vase, welcome door signs, etc. In short, this theme is an all-rounder for all the summer decorations.

Summing Up

Summer decorations are essential and significant for your house. These are some of the best ideas for everyday front door décor. Let it be any summer front porch décor; you can easily use these methods with the help of DIY tutorials on the internet and make your door stand out in its look.


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