10 Amazing Winter Door Decorations

Winter season remains one of the most desired seasons of the year. Warm clothes, sitting by the fireplaces, lots of coffee, and snow. All of these fantasies are only possible due to the winter season. On the other hand, winter isn’t a favorite season for some people. Nonetheless, it never means that they don’t enjoy its merriness. Everyone loves the winter season. The only difference is that some people love it to its extreme ends and some to a limited extent. Anyhow, the bliss and environment it offers are hardly found in all the countries of the world.

What makes winter season more joyous and pleasing? Winter decorations. Interior, Exterior, Porch, Garage, Doorways, etc. Everything should remain well lit and decorated. Lots of String lights, Decorative Lamps, and Lanterns further add to its beauty. However, what’s the best place to start decorating the house for the winter season? Probably your front/entrance doors. Winter door decorations are quite fun and exciting. Let it be winter door hangers, door covers, DIY decorations for door or winter wonderland door decorations; everything goes in this regard.

Winter door decorations depend entirely on the creativity you possess. Since the decoration types are few in number, choosing the best option that suits your door type is a tough task. It is also entertaining. Thus, it all relies on the taste and zeal you possess to beautify your home for the season.

Here are the 10 Best Winter Door Decorations Ideas for you

1) Wooden Scrap Wreath

Small wooden scrap pieces can be of great advantage to you in terms of winter decorations. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them for exceptional, creative DIY decorations for your front door. It doesn’t matter what category of wood they belong to or what color they possess; they will still provide you with a rugged look, best suited for winter.

To achieve such a door decoration, go to your storage room and find all the unused wooden scrap. Now, if these pieces are small, about 4 inches in length and 1-2 inches in width, you can use them immediately. However, if you have large wooden prices, try cutting them in the same dimensions. Once you have an appreciable amount of small wooden blocks around 40-50, paint them if you want or leave as it is, it’s totally up to you. Using a hot glue gun, make a wreath of 2-3 layers. Let it dry and hang it to the door. Your simple, yet beautiful wooden wreath is ready for winter door décor.

2) Garlands and Animal Statues

Garlands and Animal Sculptures, one the of the best traditional way of winter door decorations. These garlands can be of any type. However, choosing the one that is appropriate for your door type would be a difficult task. Animal statues, especially of reindeer, you can find them at any of the gift or decoration shops during winter. These sculptures can be of wood or cast iron; either way, and they can easily adjust to any door type.

For decorations, use a garland of white, red, or the combination of both the colors. Hang it to the upper half of your door, twist the edges, with hanging sideways. Now for the surrounding of your door, you can place these sculptures in any way you want. Corners, entrance, along the door, doesn’t matter. This decoration is quite simple and elegant. Also, it gives you a season-long decoration quite effectively.

3) Flower Basket and Wooden Tags Door Décor

Flower Basket Door décor can go for spring, summer, autumn and winter door hangers. In short, it’s a four-season decoration. Just hang the basket to your door once and change the flower type according to the ongoing season. You’re good to go!

Firstly, select an appropriate basket type for your door. You can choose from an embroidered or carved one. Then hang it in the middle of your door, slightly to the upper side. At the bottom of the basket, attach the wooden tags in a bow shape. These tags can have your family names, welcome greetings, or small quotes. As far as flower type is concerned, go for Heather, Pansies, Viburnum, Japanese Quince, Viola, Mahonia, Winter-flowering Cherry, Daphne, Skimmia Japonica, or Clematis Cirrhosa. These all are the best flowers for a winter look. 

4) Ice Skates Hanging Decoration for your Door

Ice Skates are the best option for your winter door decorations. Not only they signify the essence of the season but also are classier in their appearance. You can use these skates in combination with picture frames, wreaths or bow ties.

Ice skates hanging door decoration is quite simple to achieve. However, it requires either nailing or command strips attachment. Once you’ve attached these skates to your door using laces as a hanging source, you can also decorate their boundary. As mentioned earlier, using wreaths, bow ties, or Picture frames. Whatever you like.   

5) Shimmering Bulbs Door Decorations

Shiny decorations are also the best fit for winter. They give a more glam, charming, and alluring makeover to your front porch. The best materials used for this purpose can be plain white Christmas bulbs, golden fruit, or flower wreaths. All of these can be easily painted using golden/silver spray paint.

First of all, select the decoration type you want. Three wreaths of bulbs or golden fruit are very common in this regard — one in the middle of the door and two with both the vertical sides of the door. The best-recommended thing would be either golden fruit or Christmas bulbs. Paint them in gold/silver spray paint and let dry. Then glue them together and hang to the door. It’s that much simple and easy. For further enhancements, you can use string lights in the background or decorative lamps at the top corners of your door.

6) Moss Covered Letter Monograms

Moss Covered letter monograms can go for any door decoration. Whether its occasional, seasonal, or everyday door décor.

Take wooden letter monograms according to your door size. Make a boundary on the door. Now take hot glue gun, or superglue and start covering the surface with moss leaves. Do this until there is no space left behind. i.e., letter monograms are fully covered in nice looking moss leaves. Let dry. Attach to the boundary. Your simple and elegant winter door décor is ready.

7) Bright Colored Doors

Bright colored doors, alone, can also be used as winter decoration for the front porch. However, such a decoration theme is not only difficult to attain but also requires a lot of creative thought process. Selecting the right color according to the door type, deciding which pattern or texture to use on the door, matching the paint with the surrounding. So that your door doesn’t go extra flashy. All of these are necessary considerations.

Anyways, going for a bright color like Navy Blue, Chocolate Brown, Red, Dark Green, Charcoal Grey, or even White can be the best option as these colors can match the rest of your porch decorations and surroundings quite quickly and effectively.

8) Jute and Tree Branches Wreath

Wreaths made out of Jute or Tree branches are a more natural medium for winter door decorations. They are rough in look which perfectly complements the winter theme for your door.

To make the wreath, take a bunch of jute strings, roll them to a suitable size and fix their position using thin wires. The same procedure is for tree branches. Now take another jute string to hang these wreaths to your door. You can leave the wreath as it is or can also embellish them using winter flowers. However, while doing so, cover only one half of the wreath in flowers and leave the other half untouched.       

9) Winter Wonderland Door Decorations

Winter wonderland door decorations are also the best theme to select. The best part is, you don’t have to display any extra embellishments. Just some artificial snow, a snowman made of tree branches, and door covers would do the job for you.

To achieve the look in the best way possible, use 3D printed door covers. Covers that contain snowflakes, snow, and snowman drawings. On the other hand, you can also make this theme for your door using DIY decorations. To do that, draw some snowflakes on your door using light blue and white paint. Now at any lower end of the door make a snowman using three wreaths of different size. For the icy covering, use artificial snow sprays. Your decoration is complete.

10) Antique Themed Decorations

The antique theme for winter door decoration is another classic look. However, it is also an expensive decoration type. As you’ll have to use antique cameras, buy old-fashioned suitcases, and vintage bikes.

Hang the antique camera in the middle of your door. You can also remove the internal machinery of the camera, fill it with soil, and plant some flowers. Place the suitcases in one corner of the door and bicycle/motorcycle in other.

Summing Up

Winter door décor is quite interesting yet challenging to achieve. However, these DIY ideas will help you get the best look according to the budget you possess.


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